Who we are

Our cuisine, which is part of our history well before us, is our passion since when, during the 30s, our grand-grandfather opened in Podenzano, in the outskirt of Piacenza, a plain and simple “osteria”, offering local dishes based on those recipes which are still today the source of our inspirations. That’s why our cuisine is straight and genuine, in order to make our guests feel like at home, as our grandmother and our father Gigetto taught us in their restaurant “Il Villaggio” (opened in the 70s) on the countryside of Piacenza.
At brothers Pavesi’s “L’Ostreria” you will find the genuine, traditional Piacentinian cuisine with all the local dishes which are part of our culture. To revive a cosy, warm and friendly atmosphere has always been our mission that we pursue with passion and dedication, in the kitchen and with all our guests as well.

``Cuisine works just like art: You don't know anything of a dish until you know why it has been made.

Daniel Pennac
Cucina in Ostreria
Our cuisine

Only the best ingredients, thoroughly chosen, are used in our dishes, ingredients that are local produce (but not exclusively local, of course). To buy them we love seeking for the best farms who share the same passion for quality that we, at l’Ostreria, have. We praise and care about seasonal vegetables and fruits as our well chosen suppliers do. Our chefs, Camillo and Giuseppe, offer an unpretentious, genuine cuisine which comes from the true tradition of our beautiful land but, at times, with a twist, in order to make some dishes more “contemporary”
We prepare our own pasta and dessert every day, starting from the very basic recipe of any dish: quality and passion.

Wine cellar

Giacomo, who personally keeps our wine cellar, chooses the best, natural, organic wines, wines which are true to their soul and tell the story of the good men and women who made them.

Bottega (shop)

Our “bottega” is an extension of our restaurant where our dear guests will find the same quality products that we use every day in our kitchen. The best way to bring home a bit of “Ostreria experience”.

Conference room
Sala conferenze

We provide a comfortable, spacious conference room which can easily accomodate 120 people, it’s fully equipped with a multimedia system and it’s ideal for meetings, workshops and training courses.


L’Ostreria is closed on Monday and on Tuesday at lunch

Opening hours:
Mer-Dom: 12:00 – 15:00 18:00 – 00:00

Phone number: (+39) 0523 524077

Localita’ Gariga, 8 – Podenzano – (PC)

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