Our farmers

The core of any good cuisine is quality produce. Our suppliers are professional farmers who share with us the philosophy of pursuing products with a story and ethics. As famous Carlin Petrini (founder of the movement Slow Food) once said: “Good, clean and fair”.

Our charcuterie comes from the local territory. We personally season our salami, ham and pancetta (belly of pork) in order to give to our customers the best sensory experience. Even the mountain near Piacenza plays a big role in our cuisine. In fact, we buy only the best potatoes from reputable farms like Chinosi and Torrenera, we look only for the most succulent mushrooms and chestnuts (key ingredient of many traditional dishes) and our fresh-water fish comes from the local rivers (we buy our sea-water fish only from the Fish market of Chioggia).


A very special thanks to:

Pescheria Bricchi (fishmonger)

Macelleria Equina Bissi (butcher)

Macelleria Cristian (butcher)

Caseificio Dall’Aglio (dairy)

Caseificio Il Bozzolo (dairy)

Caseificio Jumi di Annalena e Finch (dairy)

Azienda Agricola Filippo Zoni (farmer)

Ortofrutta Bisi (greengrocer)

Hansi Baumgartner affinatore di formaggi di alpeggio in Alta Pusteria (cheese maker)

Panificio Tassi di Bettola (bakery)

…and to all wine growers and producers in Piacenza, in Italy and abroad who make it possible to have the best pairing with our dishes.